Frequently Asked Questions

How to care for your succulents:

  • Water when soil is completely dry. 

  • Overwatering will cause the plant to rot - this is the most common mistake.

  • Succulents love the sun, but if the leaves turn brown or white, they are letting you know they’d like a shadier position. Try a spot that gets some morning or afternoon direct sun.

  • Succulents will also tell you if it would prefer more sun. If the leaves become sparse and it is stretching toward the light, these are indications to try a brighter location.

  • The smaller the pot, the more frequent you'll need to water. The larger your pot, the less frequent you'll need to water.

  • An easy way to check if the succulent is 'thirsty' is if the leaves appear puckered and veiny. If they are plump and full, there is no need to water!

Can I pick up my order?

  • Yes you can! Please let us know if you would like to pick up your order in the notes section at checkout. Collection is from Bayswater.

  • Please note we do not have a physical store front and appointments are required.

  • Collection times are everyday between 8.00am & 4.00pm.

Do you deliver?

  • Yes we do! You can select the delivery option at checkout, we can deliver to Perth Metro areas.

  • Our delivery days are Monday - Friday between 10am & 2pm.

How can I customise my order?

  • You can choose to have either white or black decorative stones to cover the soil. If you would like to have a mixture of the two for your order we can do this too!

  • You can choose a hand stamped customised tag for your order. Keep in mind that these can only be a short message as there is limited space for each character. We have several fonts and ink colours available to suit your theme! We also have three different tag colours; black, white & natural (brown).

  • You have the option of choosing a printed tag, this allows you to have more space than the hand stamped tags. The standard is black text printed on white paper, if you would prefer a different colour text - please put your preferred colour in the notes section upon checkout.

  • Blank DIY tags are also available for you to get creative and write your own personal message. The colours area available in black, white & natural (brown).

  • All tags have a bamboo holder included in the price to hold your tag (these can be seen in some of the photos).

  • Can't find a pot you like? Don't stress! We can custom order them in for you. Send us a message with what you have in mind and we will do our best to find you several options. Keep in mind if you would like a larger sized pot, the succulent will need to be larger (which means more soil and decorative stones) which increase the price. Custom orders require a minimum of 20 items.

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